Peter Getz - Vice President

Peter has spent the bulk of the last 40 years working in the City of Hartford initially as a Hartford Police Officer and currently with the CVS, Aetna Healthcare team.  During his twenty-one years as a Police Officer, Peter achieved and retired at the rank of Detective. He was assigned not only to patrol division but also to the Street Crimes, Major Crimes, Fraud and Juvenile Divisions. His last assignment was with the FBIs Joint Terrorism Task Force shortly after the 9/11 attacks. Peter is a multiple recipient of the Hartford Police Medal of Valor, Distinguished Service and Merit Awards. He collected over 220 letters of Commendation from citizens and businesses he had the honor to work with. Peter participated in the early PAL years and their boxing, basketball and ice hockey programs. He greatly enjoyed going to the Elementary schools and reading books to the children on numerous occasions. For 27 years, Peter served as a certified instructor for both The Connecticut POSTC Academy and The Hartford Police Academy. For 10 years, Peter participated and sat on the Board of the Canton Juvenile Review Board, which provides alternatives for their entry into the juvenile detention system.

Upon retirement, he began working for then Aetna Insurance as an Investigator. He now leads a team of seven Investigators as their Investigative Lead. Peter is a part of the Volunteer council and has sewn scent cloths for premature babies, Cancer head scarves and lap blankets for those less fortunate. He has also mentored local 7th and 8th grade students through a weekly Aetna program worked on. 

Peter is happily married to his wife, a lawyer, for the past 35 years. They have two grown children, both continuing his role in working with the public. They are currently Registered Nurses in Hartford and Boston. He is also fortunate to have a wonderful daughter in law.

Peter has appeared on several television shows depicting investigations that he was involved with. Shows such as Geraldo Rivera, Unsolved Mysteries and the Dr. Henry Lee Documentaries showcased the hard work and dedication he and his co-workers displayed. 

Since joining the Board in 2013, he is extremely proud of the hard work, dedication and effort put forward to better the lives of the children and families of PAL.